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Heritage House Powered by Solar

Heritage House is Solar PoweredPart of management’s vision is to apply new technologies and systems to maximize guest comfort at the Heritage House Hotel.  Phase I of this vision was implemented in 2011, when the Heritage House became the first (and only) hotel on Cape Cod to become solar-powered.

The Heritage House Hotel is fueled by 464 patented Solyndra™ 200 series solar panels on the roof, using the best technology to achieve the highest performance.

The 92.8kW system produces 110,103kWhr/yr of electricity.  This production will annually offset approximately 144,734 pounds of carbon dioxide, equal to 7,400 gallons of gasoline, or the equivalent of 153 barrels of oil each year.

Check the monitoring station online or in our lobby to see our real-time production!

This is just one of several steps the Heritage House Hotel is taking to become a green hotel.